The Naked Prime | in the style of spiritual triumph.

There is a style which transcends and includes all depiction, for it is a pure vision of the infinite. This vision is the Naked Prime. It has many divine names and it abides in many cultural styles.

We become awe-inspired as we make contact with this pure vision, and realize our fundamental unity with it. This vision can be everything from mystery to mundane, from ordinary to obsession and once contacted, it is a lifelong realization, for we see it is our very own being and becoming.

For some, this vision is compelling from a tender age, and we are at times shaken by it, moved to render it with our best means at-hand. We answer the calling, by self-initiating into the ancient tradition of sacred artists. Blessed by those who have gone before, we create our divine abode.

All mature human cultures articulate this purely timeless vision in their own contemporary style, through the expression of five primary qualities: symmetry, curvature, duality, transparency, and luminosity. These are the finite qualities of the Naked Prime, and the qualities human beings are learning to master. It is a gorgeous, arduous, worthwhile journey, coming home into the infinite.

It is astonishing to discover these five qualities nakedly on display to the very origins of human artifacts and architecture, hidden in plain sight and kept in the secrets of great artistic masters.

It is even more astounding that these masters span all art forms, from dancing to meditation, refining within themselves these primary qualities by awareness, attention, and appreciation.  

Most amazing of all is the profoundly natural momentum of these qualities reaching harmonious unity throughout our own lives. All expression becomes naked to us, and we come into our prime.

This is what sacred artifacts and architecture do: they transmit to us these timeless and infinite qualities powerfully and directly, supporting and guiding us into personal contact with this same harmonious unity. This shared personal contact with the sacred is our spiritual triumph. It is our human legacy. So this is my style, to honor our lineage of sacred artists, and to carry on our legacy.

Beloved, my motif is a sign of our divinity.